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Do you feel it's neccessary to use an estate agent to successfully sell your home?

Asked on Aug 8 2013, Selling in Reading | Report content

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  • No. It is however, important to have your property advertised on Zoopla, Rightmove etc. Most people looking for a house look here first. Not in an estate agents window. Try listing your property with a virtual estate agent £199. Take really good photos ... The rest is down to price and location.

    Answered on Aug 8 2013, Report content
  • The first answer is technically correct - but omits so many facts its of very limited value; Zoopla and RM account for about 55% of most agents applicant banks, which means you are missing out on nearly half by relying on that resource alone. To be most likely to get the best price you would want to be exposed to the full audience which means other advertising media, other websites, shop fronts etc... A decent agent will vet applicants and get to know who is genuine before they are invited to your house, is that a security risk you would want to rely on yourself? They would accompany your viewings and show your home in the best way, which isn't normally with the vendor looking over the buyers shoulder. They will negotiate on your behalf and provide a useful middleman that makes this process more comfortable and crucially they would have the expertise to handle the transaction once agreed and deal with brokers, solicitors, surveyors, chains all of whom require different approaches and if you are not used to would bamboozle most people. I did stress decent agent!!! Test the agents you are considering and accept like every service we buy, cheapest is very rarely the best.

    Answered on Aug 8 2013, Report content
  • In the UK pretty much everyone who is searching for property looks at RM or Zoopla etc. If they see something they like they will call the agent. He will register that interest and try to ensure that he rather than one of the 15 other agents gets the sale. If your house is marketed at price on a major portal you will receive inquiries. The Idea that estate agents have banks of loyal clients who don't search RM or zoopla for the property they want is laughable. Think about your own experience. When you last looked for property did you look at a single agent website or a portal? Generally people know where they would ideally like to live and how much they have to spend. Of course there is some flexibility but not that much. Most of the time they already live in the area of the proposed purchase. The main function of the estate agent is to show people around while you are at work. If you are happy to do this at evenings weekends or in a block viewing you can avoid the agents fee. I assumed from the question that the individual wishing to sell was a competent individual. The purchaser and vendor ultimately decide the sales price. Essentially the agent passes messages is that worth £4-5k? not in my opinion. As for vetting clients? really? Do you have a mortgage? who with? are you selling a place? Not exactly rocket science is it? Any vendor will want to know these things. Estate agents are a convenience not a necessity. Nothing they do requires extensive knowledge or training. They sell high value items for a decent commission. Are they necessary - No Once your property is listed the agent shows your purchaser around. Only a charlatan would pretend that this is an amazing skill that you are not capable of. Keep the place tidy. In terms of online exposure virtual estate agents use every channel available to real world estate agents. Can you conceive of a prospective UK buyer who does not search rightmove et al? Ive never met one who hasn't. As for the service of showing people round. It is a matter for you whether you are prepared to pay thousands of pounds for this. In residential property people know the areas that they like and what they can afford. Your house either fits or doesn't fit that criteria. The idea that information is meaningfully disseminated by high St agents has not been true since the 90's. Agents do ask prospective buyers whether they have a mortgage arranged or intend to sell a property - Not exactly rocket science. If you have even a modest amount of common sense and a camera you will save yourself thousands.

    Answered on Aug 8 2013, Report content
  • It is, as you will need to have your property advertised on Rightmove and Zoopla in order to find a buyer. Try using an online estate agent which will advertise your property on all of the property portals with prices from just £195+VAT

    Answered on Aug 14 2013, Report content
  • I understand the argument that estate agents are no longer needed to sell a property and especially now we are seeing many more online estate agencies come in to play. I however as an agent still argue that there is a lot more to selling a house than simply putting it on the internet and waiting for the calls and buyers to come in. Most decent estate agents will have experienced staff who can deal with the process right through from the start to the finish and remember that this can involve complex questions relating to the progression side of things and renegotiations of figures once a damaging survey may go back to the buyers. We have personally sold a number of properties to people already on our database where we speak to them constantly so you will find that whilst a certain number of people call direct from the internet, you will also find that a lot of selling is simply down to the traditional values of estate agency.

    Answered on Aug 14 2013, Report content

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