Tenancy information

Referencing fee payable per occupant over 18 years old.

England and Wales - £118.80 inc. VAT.

London - £150 inc. VAT.

Students - £72 inc. VAT.

Includes the full cost of referencing all of the tenants that will form part of the tenancy and will cover:

- Checking credit status;

- Previous employer;

- Current or past landlords; and

- Any other information to help assess the affordability of the application.

Company lets will be subject to an administration fee charge of £90 inc. VAT.

Inventory fee (England, Wales and London only)

Some landlords ask Purplebricks to employ an external inventory company to produce an inventory for their property before the move in. Where this applies, the cost is split between the landlord and tenant.

Inventory documentation will detail the fixtures, fittings and condition of a property prior to the commencement of a tenancy; this will subsequently provide the basis for settlement in a deposit dispute. If an inventory is inadequate or non-existent then a deposit adjudicator is likely to award the deposit to the outgoing tenant, leaving a landlord out of pocket for any dirt or damage that is left behind.

Purplebricks can arrange for an inventory to be compiled at a cost to the tenant of £90 inc. VAT for 1 to 3 bed properties and £120 inc. VAT for 4+ bed properties. Please note that London properties will be subject to a variation on these prices, £120 inc. VAT for 1-3 bedrooms and £150 inc. VAT for 4+ bedrooms.


Prospective tenants of properties in Scotland are not required to pay any of the fees detailed above.

Northern Ireland

Prospective tenants of properties in Northern Ireland will be asked to pay £48 inc. VAT referencing fees per person. No inventory fees will be payable.